About Megumi


I am from Tokyo.
I have been living in Australia for 20 years.
I have a husband of 13 years and 2 daughters.

I used to design and sell clothes, then had a vintage Scandinavian
homeware shop online. 
Before that I was a Uni student. 
Before that I was a backpacker for a few years. 
I missed the boat to Santrini and slept at the port, did henna tatoos on
the street in London and almost got arrested, jumped off a train in India
and broke my front teeth, got passport stolen then met some amazing
people in China. 

Now I’ve been a celebrant for 8 years. I also work as a professional
interpreter and translator (NAATI accredited)

I love fashion and art.
I love Indian food as much as Japanese food.
I drink sake and flat white.
More cheese than chocolate.
Havaianas in summer, Uggs in winter.

I do love Hello Kitty as well if you are wondering.
We were actually born in the same year!