I am from Tokyo. I have been living in Australia for close to 20 years now.

I have been married for 12 years and we have 5 and 8 year old daughters. I also work as a professional Japanese interpreter and translator (NAATI accredited) and have a vintage Scandinavian homeware shop online and I used to design and sell clothes with my husband. A bit random. I know.

In my 20s I travelled. Europe, South East Asia, India, Japan, China, Australia and NZ.
In my 30s I realised my dreams. Uni degree, residency in Australia, marriage, kids and became an interpreter, then a celebrant.
In my 40s I want to keep reaching my goals like I did in my 30s.
Then in my 50s, I am hoping to go back to travelling again… travelling and marrying people would be nice…

I love fashion. I love the colour. I love the way Lee Lin Chin, Sam Ushiro, Susie Lau, Sarah Jane Adams etc etc. I love Indian food as much as Japanese food. Drink champagne, sake, flat white regular milk with no sugar. Cheese than chocolate. Havaianas in summer, Uggs in winter.
I do love Hello Kitty in case if you are wondering. We were actually born on the same year!






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