I will write a ceremony that’s only for you, based on your love story, your relationship and what you would like me to include.
You can have your ceremony exactly the way you like it.

Cutting the cake and dancing will be fun but you do that at your birthday party too don’t you? 
Ceremony is the most special part of your wedding and the fully personalised original script will definitely make it more special.

Pre written script will probably just go in one ear and out the other. If I am talking about your story and your relationship, you will feel more involved in the ceremony. 
Your guests will feel more connected with you.
I will take you on a quick trip down the memory lane, everyone will find a little bit more about you two, then you are ready to say your vows. 

What’s included:

Meeting in person
I will find out about you and the stories of your relationship. You can tell me your ideas and ask me questions.
We plan your special day together.
1 x face to face meeting + unlimited online/phone meetings are included.
Rehearsal/2nd face to face meeting is optional (with a fee) 

Wedding planning help
My aim is to make your wedding/getting married experience as fun, exciting and stress-free as possible. With my “Ceremony builder” with all the tips and references, you will know exactly what to do.
Make the most of having someone to talk to and get answers out of straight away (and I do respond super quick. Japanese efficiency!)

Personalised script/story
You think everyone knows how you met? You will be surprised how many of your guests don’t or cannot remember.
It’s a day to celebrate you two. Not JUST the marriage itself. Tell everyone about you!

Heartfelt, Meaningful, Relaxed with a bit of formality
We will hopefully know each other well enough by the wedding day.
So you would feel “someone we know” is marrying you rather than “a random celebrant we found online” is.
I will make you smile.
I won’t be too formal or too cringey.
It won’t be too long or too short.
I will make people laugh but I won’t be a loud comedian who takes over your day.
You will feel excited, nervous, emotional, happy…then you will be married!

All legal documents handled + super fast registration.
I will register your marriage online within 24 hours.
In NSW and VIC, I can also apply for a marriage certificate on your behalf.

Extra options

Have peace of mind – extra meeting in person
We will meet up in person just before the ceremony to go through everything so you know exactly what’s happening. 

Add anything you like
Something cultural, handfasting, ring warming, wine boxing, even religious rituals… you can add anything you like. Tell me whatever you would like to include in your ceremony.

Vow translation
For English/Japanese speaking couples, if you don’t need any rituals but want your vows translated I can do that instead 

Prefer something more simple?
 Please see my Simple and sweet  or Inbetweenie package.

Photography courtesy of Bellnjerry