Well, you heard it.
It is in between my “Simple and Sweet” and “Bespoke” Packages.

If you want a simple ceremony but not THAT simple, this is it!

What’s included:

Everything in the “Bespoke” package except for the full personal story. 

I will just touch on quickly about you and your relationship.
Just one paragraph or 3-4 sentences to add a bit of personal touch, not the full story like the “Bespoke package”
You tell me what you would like me to say – how long you have been together, your first impressions of each other etc.
Otherwise you can ask one of your friends to write a story or I can add a reading if you like.

I will add a few more personal references to the script, such as the wedding date/location means something special to you, someone who is dear to you who cannot be there etc.

You can also add a ritual – handfasting, ring warming, sand ceremony, cultural ritual etc  (with a fee) 

Super helpful resources for ceremony planning

Ceremony builder which tells you EXACTLY what you need to do to plan your ceremony and give you some tips you probably never think of – like “What to do when your keen uncle wants to be an unofficial photographer” or “What’s the best umbrella if it rains”
Also how to write your vows, legal stuff, what to do after you get married etc, all the info you need!

All legal documents handled + super fast registration.
I will register your marriage online within 24 hours.
In NSW and VIC, I can also apply for a marriage certificate on your behalf.

What’s in this package and not in “Simple and Sweet”?

This package includes wedding party entrance (procession) and exit, longer and semi personalised intro, PA system for music, wireless mic so that everyone can hear you.

Photography courtesy of Benny Valentine