Bespoke and personalised

If you want to have a fully personalised ceremony created just for you, written from scratch, tailor-made with all the personal references and being able to add anything you would like, this package is for you.

Because your ceremony is the most important part of your wedding.
The magical moment when you see each other at the opposite ends of the aisle, all the emotions you have when you say and hear your vows, then THE kiss. Those moments happen in the ceremony, not at the reception. Cutting the cake and dancing will definitely be fun but the ceremony moments you share with the love of your life is far more special than that.

What’s included:

2 x Meetings in person
I will find out about you. How you met, special moments and stories you shared and how you got to today. We will talk about your thoughts, styles, ideas and concerns about the day, then I will create a bespoke ceremony for you. We also sign NOIM (Notice of Intended Marriage)

Planning help
I will help to make your wedding/getting married experience as fun, exciting and stress-free as possible.
I mean it, I will help you. A lot. I will give you tips, ideas and references to help you plan your ceremony. I won’t just rock up, marry you and charge you for it. Please make the most of me. 

Please remember that I am always available to help when you need me, when you feel stressed, or you just need to talk to someone because you feel lost in the wedding planning wonderland.

Personalised script
You think everyone knows how you met? You will be surprised how many of your guests don’t or forgotten about it. The story will bring back the memory to the closest friends and make your auntie who has never met your partner feel instantly connected to him/her.

Add anything you like
Handfasting, ring warming or maybe something cultural. You tell me what you want and I will add it into your bespoke ceremony.

Connect with you
On the day, we will hopefully know each other well enough and you would feel that someone you know is marrying you rather than “a random celebrant we found online” is.
I will make you smile. I won’t be too formal nor too cheesy.
The ceremony will be long enough, but not done in 15 mins.
You will feel excited, nervous and emotional, happy then you will be married.

All legal documents and registration.
I will register your marriage online within 24 hours. In NSW I can also apply for a marriage certificate on your behalf.

Prefer something more simple?

Please see my Simple ceremony package.

Photography courtesy of harustudio