Registry style

Quick and simple

You’re into being married but not so much into having a “wedding”?
You want to elope?
Queuing at the registry office waiting room to be called to for your ceremony sounds a bit strange?

I can conduct a simple yet memorable ceremony at a location of your choice.
Park, beach, hotel room, your home, anywhere you like.

What’s included:

1, I will help you fill out the NOIM(Notice of intended marriage) then have a quick meeting with you at my place (or somewhere nearby) in Rosebery 1 month+ prior to the wedding day to witness the signing and lodgement of NOIM.

2, I can answer all the questions you have about the wedding. Believe me, having someone who you can ask and get the answers straight away takes so much stress away!

3, One month or more after I receive the NOIM, I will perform a simple ceremony at a location of your choice.
I will welcome everyone, say my part of the legal words, you will exchange the legal vows and sign the certificates. You can exchange your rings as well if you like. The ceremony will take 10 minutes.
You will need 2 witnesses. If you don’t have anyone I can organise them for a small fee. Maximum 10 guests including witnesses can be present.

4. All the legal documents will be handled professionally and your marriage will be registered straight away. In NSW I can apply for a marriage certificate on your behalf (with a small fee)

It’s a lot more personal way to get married compared to the registry office wedding.
You can actually do it in your style, at the location you like and you will have someone to rely on until your simple yet special day.

Witnessing and lodgement of NOIM only

Haven’t set a date yet? 
You can lodge a NOIM and it is valid for 18 months once lodged.
Some couples prefer to do this for visa purposes so that they can prove their intention to marry. I can issue a letter to state that you lodged your NOIM with me.
If you would like to have the NOIM transferred to someone else later I can do that too.

Too simple?

See my other packages Fully personalised ceremony or Semi-personalised ceremony for details.

Photography courtesy of Katsu Nojiri Photography