Vow renewal

A wedding has two parts.

There is a ceremony, in which you make a public promise to marry the love of your life.
Then there’s a reception. You are the host and host does things for the guests.
Parents, family, friends, colleagues and partners of them.
Cake, food tasting, make sure there is gluten free options, baby change areas, little thank you gifts to put on the table… so many things you need to organise/do are for everyone else, for the party.
That’s just the way it is. A wedding is, in most cases, a public event. You announce it and you share the day with everyone else, you all celebrate it together.

Vow renewal is usually a little bit more intimate, private, low key and don’t necessarily come with a big reception.
Some people don’t even have any guests at all. It is normally just about you and your partner.
No one is pressuring you to do it, not because “everyone else does it”, nor you are legally required to do it.  You have the ceremony because you want to.

All you need are your vows, words from your heart to the most special person in your life.
The words to celebrate your love to each other, your achievements, past, present and future as a couple, which you normally don’t have a chance to sit down and think of.
Of course, you would like to have a nice outfit, maybe some flowers, a bottle of champagne for afterwards. But that’s just a bit of fluff on top. You don’t have to please anyone, you just do that to make it memorable for… YOU.

I’m not saying you can’t make it a bigger event though. If you prefer to share the special moment with your loved ones, old and new, and have a party, that’s also great! It’s YOUR day, it’s totally up to you.

You have all the love and feeling for your partner but don’t have a chance to tell him/her enough? You wish if you had an excuse to do that?
I can help you plan the day and give you plenty of tips and ideas.
Please message me to start talking.