Simple and Sweet

Elopement style simple ceremony

You just want to get married without having a big wedding? 
Is elopement more like you?
Waiting at the registry office waiting room for your turn to get married sounds a bit strange?

I can conduct a simple yet memorable ceremony at a location of your choice.
Park, beach, restaurant, your home, anywhere you like.

What’s included:

Face to face meeting + NOIM (Notice of intended marriage) signing. 
We’ll talk about the wedding, get to know each other, get the legal stuff sorted.

Unlimited consultation and resources – online, phone, email
I will explain everything and answer all questions. Having someone who you can ask questions and have answers straight away takes so much stress off you!
I will give you resources for writing your vows and ceremony ideas too.

Ceremony at a location of your choice, in your style.
It will be a very simple and quick (10mins) ceremony.
It is up to you to make the ceremony more meaningful with your vows.

Maximum 20 guests including witnesses can be present. If you have more guests, please choose the “Inbetweenie” package.

Difference to the Bespoke/Inbetweenie or Legals only package?

No walking down/up the aisle with music, no personal story, readings or rituals to be added. 
It’ll be just a short intro, Legal words by me, your vows, rings, kiss and done.
It is similar to what you would have in the registry. No added cherries on top.
It’s done in 10 mins, (or longer if you have 3 page vows!) but it still have all important bits in it.

Legals only is purely for signing, No vows, no intro, just hello everyone, sign, done in less than 5 minutes. 

All the legal documents will be handled professionally
Your marriage will be registered within 24 hours. In NSW I can apply for a marriage certificate on your behalf (with a small fee)

Even though it’s very short and simple, it’s definitely more personal than having it at the registry.
You can actually do it in your style, at the location you like and you will have someone to rely on until your simple yet special day.

More guests? Want to walk down the aisle? 

You can have my Bespoke package with the fully personalised and originally written script.

Or if you like this simple package without a personal story but want all the other bells and whistles – processional/recessional, PA system, some added script to make it more of a full ceremony? 
Please see my “Inbetweenie” package.

Witnessing and lodgement of NOIM only

Haven’t set a date yet? 
You can lodge a NOIM and it is valid for 18 months.
Some couples prefer to do this for visa purposes so that they can prove their intention to marry. I can issue a letter to state that you lodged your NOIM with me.
If you would like to have the NOIM transferred to someone else later I can do that too.

Photography courtesy of Anetta Ki