Simple, sweet and personal

If you want your wedding to be affordable, fun, simple but with some personal touches and full of planning help, this package is for you. I will give you plenty of help and advice to make your ceremony memorable and meaningful.

What’s included:

1, NOIM signing and lodgement

I will assist you to fill out the NOIM (Notice of intended marriage) then have a signing meeting.  Ask me about anything then, the legal stuff, planning, styling, suppliers etc, and I will ask you some questions too, to get to know you and so that I can add some personal references to your ceremony.

2, Planning help

I will give you many tips, ideas and references to help you plan your ceremony. 
I won’t just rock up, marry you and charge you for it. Please make the most of having me. Please remember that I am always available to help when you need me, when you feel stressed, or you just need to talk to someone when you feel lost in the wedding planning wonderland. 

3, Wedding ceremony

With a smile and glasses of your choice 🙂

4. All the legal documents handled professionally

Your marriage will be registered straight away. In NSW I can also apply for a marriage certificate on your behalf.

The difference?

The difference between this and the “Fully personalised” package is:
* No fully personalised script
* Using one of my already written scripts, but I will still arrange and add some personal references.
* No rituals or other additions (such as handfasting, ring warming, something cultural etc) but you can add readings by guests.
* Rehearsal/final meeting is not included but you can add it as an option.

I can also be an MC/interpreter at your wedding reception. Please ask about the details.

Photo courtesy of Katsu Nojiri Photography