If you want your wedding to be affordable yet with some personal touches and celebrate the day with many of your family and friends, this package is for you. I will give you plenty of help and advice to make your ceremony memorable and meaningful.

The difference to this package and the “Bespoke and personalised” is :
– No fully personalised script. I will use one of my already written scripts, but I will still add some personal references (legal/personal), ring exchange, kiss, signing. You can ask someone to do some readings if you would like but no other personalised rituals (such as handfasting, sand ceremony, something cultural etc) can be added.
– Rehearsal/final meeting is not included but you can add it as an option.

What’s included:

1, I will assist you to fill out the NOIM (Notice of intended marriage) then have a signing meeting.  This will be the only meeting and will be held either near my house in Rosebery or at a Sydney inner city location.  Ask me about anything then, the legal stuff, planning, styling, suppliers etc, and I will ask you some questions too, to get to know you and so that I can add some personal references to your ceremony.

2, I will help you to make your wedding/getting married experience as fun, exciting and stress-free as possible.
I will give you many tips, ideas and references to help you plan your day. 
I won’t just rock up, marry you and charge you for it. Please make the most of having me. Please remember that I am always available to help when you need me, when you feel stressed, or you just need to talk to someone when you feel lost in the wedding planning wonderland. I can tell you about some really awesome wedding vendors (photographers, florists etc) as well.

3, I will perform a wedding ceremony. With a smile and glasses of your choice (I have seven!)

4. All the legal documents will be handled professionally and your marriage will be registered straight away online in NSW, by mail in other states. In NSW I can also apply for a marriage certificate on your behalf and it normally takes only 5 business days or so to receive.

I can also be an MC/interpreter at your wedding reception. Please ask about the details.

Photo courtesy of Katsu Nojiri Photography


Bespoke and personalisedプランとの違い:
– 式の内容は私がすでに用意しているものから選ぶ(完全オリジナルスクリプトは作成しない)ためやや一般的な内容にはなりますが、伺ったお話や質問をもとに多少はお二人のエピソードや個人的な内容を付け加えさせていただきます。
‐ 式次第は、ゲストへ挨拶、私のイントロ、新郎新婦の誓いの言葉、指輪交換、キス、署名です。ご希望であればゲストの方にリーディングをしていただくことは可能ですが、他の儀式や演出(鏡割りや三々九度等の文化的なものやハンドファスティングなど)を含むことはできません。
‐ リハーサル(最終お打合せ)は含まれません。ご希望の場合オプションでご依頼頂けます。


1、NOIM(Notice of intended marriage) の記入のお手伝い、式の1か月以上前に必要なNOIMへの署名と受理、IDの確認のためのお打合せを行います。場所はシティー、私の自宅もしくはその近辺になります。実際にお会いしてのお打合せはこの時のみとなります(オプションでリハーサル可)法的手続き、プランニング、スタイリングに関してなど何でもお聞きください。私からもお二人を知るため、また式に役立てるためお二人に関するお話を伺います。






Photo courtesy of Katsu Nojiri Photography