John and Jaimie (elopement in Japan)

When we first decided we were going to get married we were both extremely nervous and excited. Excited because this was going to be one of the biggest events in our lives but nervous because we knew nothing about the customs of marriage in Japan or who would be marrying us.
When we met Megumi, she spoke with us on a friendly and caring level. She was genuinely interested in getting to know us and asked us about our lives together much like a friend would. When we finally met in person, we were privileged to get to know her a bit before she married us. We found her to be incredibly kind and personable. She made us feel comfortable and was completely supportive of our choices for the big day.
When it came time to get married, she was just as emotional as we were and the gap that separated us as just ‘the couple’ and ‘the celebrant’ changed into a closeness and a gathering of friends.
We thoroughly enjoyed her services and feel that no matter what kind of ceremony we attend in the future, it will never come close to the magic we experienced during our own wedding day. Thank you for everything Megumi! We will never forget this extraordinary day and the person who helped us celebrate it!

Lots of love,

John and Jaimie