Wedding in Japan

I will be in Tokyo 1/05/23-12/05/23.
If you are getting married then, get in touch!

Are you in Japan or planning a wedding/elopement in Japan?

There is no “Marriage Celebrant” in Japan.
The profession does not exist as Japanese people usually submit marriage paperwork to the council office first, then have a non-legal wedding ceremony later with an MC.

Because of that, finding a wedding celebrant is near impossible and finding an MC who is fluent in English, familiar with non Japanese style wedding and understands your specific ceremony needs may not be the easiest task.

I usually travel to Japan in May/June/July period. If you happen to be thinking of having a wedding there during that time, please check with me to see if our plans meet.

If you have a big budget and are happy to fly me there and our schedule meets then I would love to jump on a plane and be your celebrant in Japan!
It would be awesome.

I update this page when I have a definite travel plan so please check time to time if you are interested.


Photography and video courtesy of Kokoiro and BEyond Weddings & Event