Are you in Japan or planning a wedding/elopement in Japan?

I would be delighted to be your celebrant in Japan.
There is no person such as “professional celebrant” in Japan and finding a bilingual(Eng/Jp) MC who specialises in wedding ceremonies is not the easiest task.

I normally travel to Japan around late April so if you happen to be planning your wedding at the same time that would be awesome, or I can travel at your request.

I will be in Naoshima (Kurashiki, Shodoshima) area in late April 2019 then Tokyo and Kanto area after that until mid May. Thinking of a wedding or elopement around then? Please contact me!

Otherwise, I can refer you to an experienced bilingual wedding planner Mie from BEyond Weddings & Events based in Kyoto who can conduct your ceremony within her wedding planning package.
Mie and I have worked on a number of weddings in Japan together. I now mentor her to be a bilingual MC and often translate her ceremony scripts into English.

See the review here from John and Jamie, the couple who eloped in Kyotango countryside of Kyoto. The Planner for them was Mie, the celebrant was me.


See Pop Up wedding Kyoto here there and over here too.
And reviews from the couples David and Sayaka and Naohito and Mayu








もしくは日本では非常に少ないバイリンガルのウェディングプランナーである BEyond Weddings & Events の美枝さんをご紹介します。彼女のプランニングにより、私が京丹後でのエロープメント、京都市内でのポップアップウェディングでセレブラントを努めた後、セレブラントのスキルを伝授。彼女のパッケージの一部としてであれば、彼女が式を執り行う事も可能で、式のスクリプトの英語翻訳は私が行っています。


2017年の京都でのポップアップの様子はこちら     をご覧ください。
カップルからのレビューはこちら David and Sayaka  Naohito and Mayu


Photography and video courtesy of Kokoiro and BEyond Weddings & Events