Legals only

Just to sign the paperwork and be married – at home, restaurant or even at the Airport!

I say my legal words, you say 1 legal sentence each and 2 witnesses must be there for that.
We all sign and you are married in 2 minutes!
I will take care of all paperwork and registration + answer all questions you may have.

Mon-Thu 9am-5pm  $400
Mon-Thu other times $500
Fri-Sun, PH $500 tentative booking only

Are you going away for a destination wedding or elopement overseas? 
I can come to the Sydney airport arrival/departure lobby to get you married on your return or just before you jump on the plane!
See my Insta reel here for a real Airport wedding –

If you would like to book on Friday, weekend or public holiday, I can only take a tentative booking. The booking date and time will not be confirmed until 1 month prior to the signing day. If you would like to secure the date/time on Fri-Sun, please choose the ‘Simple and Sweet” package. For Airport signing, I should be able to confirm Fri-Sun booking if it is early morning or late evening.

If you prefer, all communication can be done in Japanese (or English&Japanese) + Japanese resources including the consulate registration info etc supplied for $50 extra. 

The signing is usually done in Rosebery
I can travel to a location of your choice with a travel fee of $10+$1/km.


What’s included:

1, I will help you fill out the NOIM(Notice of intended marriage)
Until the end of 2023, you can sign the NOIM online with me via video call, if you are in Australia at the time of signing. This is a temporary measure by the government during Covid times.
Otherwise, you can sign in front of a qualified witness and
you can email it to me to lodge. 

2, I can answer all the questions you have about getting married. 

Having someone who you can ask and have answers straight away takes so much stress off you! No need to Google search for answers, ask me! 

3, I will meet you for the signing. 

It is usually done in Rosebery, near my house. If you prefer somewhere else, I can travel, to your house, to a restaurant or the Airport with a fee.
You will need 2 witnesses. If you would like to have a lot more guests please choose my Simple and sweet package.

4. All the legal documents will be handled professionally and your marriage will be registered straight away. I can apply for a marriage certificate on your behalf (with a small fee)

Witnessing and lodgement of NOIM only

Haven’t set a date yet? 

You can lodge a NOIM and it is valid for 18 months.
Some couples prefer to do this for a visa application so that they can prove their intention to marry.
I can issue a letter to state that you lodged your NOIM with me.
If you would like to have the NOIM transferred to someone else later I can do that too.


Photography courtesy of Katsu Nojiri Photography