“My friend is good at talking and he can be an MC for our reception”
– Yes, probably.

“He just has to introduce some speakers and make us cut the cake, that’s pretty much it”
– Oh no, definitely not.

Being at an MC at a wedding reception involves a lot more than that. If things run smoothly or not is totally up to the MC and it is a big job to ask.
MC needs to talk with the venue manager, staff, speakers, bridal party, photographers, videographers, DJ and of course with the bride and groom, to make sure everyone knows what’s going on, keep things to the schedule, be flexible and know what to do if there is (and usually is) some delays and unexpected events.

I can be an MC at your reception.
Your friend should be having fun, eating, drinking, enjoying rather than running around to make sure of things. 

I am certain that I have been to more wedding receptions than any of your guests and I know exactly how a wedding reception runs and how to stay on schedule. I know how to make people smile and dance (and I will have a bit of dance too)

For a Japanese-English bilingual MC, I can translate some of the speeches beforehand or on the day and interpret for guests as well. I know both Australian(Western) and Japanese wedding reception traditions and help you plan the reception that includes them both.

Sounds like a better idea?
Please contact me so that we can start talking and I can give you some ideas and advise to help you plan the fun and memorable reception!

Photo courtesy of Magnus Agren Photography