What I do (so you say I do without freaking out)


When you decide to get married, what do you need to organise?
Dress, suits, venue, cake, rings, invites, photographer, florist… what else?

You need a celebrant.
But not just a random celebrant. You let this person to lead the most important part of your most special day. You are marrying(!) the love of your life at the ceremony, colour of groom’s bow tie or table flower arrangement at the reception are not as important as the ceremony.
Would you let a random person log on to your facebook account and let her change your status from “in a relationship” to “married”? – No.
Would you prefer to follow this person on Instagram first and see if you like her? – Yes.
You need someone you can trust, relate and connect.

Would you also like to have someone with a sense of humor?
Or someone who knows how you feel because she has enough experience and she used to be a bride to be herself who went through all that?
Someone who listens, finds out and understands who you are?
That’s me.

What do I do exactly?
Find out who you both are. Ask questions as if I were your long-lost former bestie who you meet for the first time in 10 years. You are more than welcome to do the same to me.
I will also ask you what your thoughts, styles, ideas and concerns are for your wedding day.
Create a bespoke ceremony only for you. No recycling. (My husband thinks I spend way too much time to write my script)
I help you. A LOT. I can help with your planning too, give you all the tips and information.
If you prefer someone else not to get involved in your thing, that is totally fine. I will have more time to create your ceremony, which is fantastic.

And of course I take care of all the legal stuff. I’ll tell you exactly what you need to do. Nothing complicated.

I will help to make your wedding/getting married experience as fun, exciting and stress-free as possible.
I don’t just rock up, marry you and charge you for it. Please make the most of having someone you can talk to. Please remember that I am always available to help when you need me, when you feel stressed or you just need to vent.

Then on the day, we will hopefully know each other well enough and you would feel that someone you actually know is marrying you rather than “a celebrant we found online” is.
I will try to have some jokes to make you and your guests smile. I will neither be too formal nor too cheesy, the ceremony will be not too long, not too short.
You will have enough time to gaze adoringly into your partner’s eyes and forget about everything else. When you start to realise that there are actually people around you, you will be married.

I am based in Sydney but I can marry you anywhere in Australia. If you prefer to meet me for a coffee before booking me you are more than welcome. I can do a bilingual (English-Japanese) ceremony, and be a MC for your reception as well. Even after 16 years in Australia, my Japanese is still pretty good…

Sounds like your kind of celebrant?
Please contact me and let me begin the awesome first day of your life together as Mr and Mrs!